The Tiniest 486 Computer: I Built It From Scratch!

Published: 16-04-2023
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In this video, join me as I finally reveal the tiniest 486 computer I have built from scratch, complete with a custom 3D printed mini case and monitor!

This project, over two years in the making, showcases the highlights of my journey, from its conception to the unique components that make it tick.

With its Intel 486DX4 100Mhz processor and genuine retro hardware, this little machine is a dream come true for space-conscious retro gaming and computing fans.

I'm particularly proud of this one, this is the most complex and intricate project I have ever worked on. If you told my 10-year-old self that one day I'd do this, he wouldn't have believed you!

The SD to IDE adaptor, GoTek floppy emulator and the Pico PSU can all be very easily found on eBay or AliExpress.


Click here to go to the Youtube Video.

Update 15/05/2023

A lot of people requested to see if the computer could run DOOM, I didn't add it to the original video because the footage I shot was bad, so here's a little update video of the computer running DOOM:


Also, some people suggested that I looked into the BIOS to see if the L2 cache was enabled to increase performance, I did check it and sadly it was. My future steps to increase performanced are to change the CPU to an Intel Overdrive or an AMD 5x86 133MHz, and maybe find a better video card. Stay tunned for the eventual update video.

I have also been asked many times if I'll make the Fusion 360 files available for people to re-create the build and the answer is yes, eventually. I still have to look into how I'm going to do that, I need to clean them up and think of the best way to distribute them.

Update 06/06/2023

Wow, I'm blown away by the traction this video got, currently it has almost 130k views and it was featured in a few websites and podcasts, check some of them out:

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