Hello! My name is Eric and I run The Eric Experiment, a place where you can check out many cool projects related to retro computing, retro gaming, coding, music, some other random tech stuff.

This website features a more diverse set of projects but the Youtube channel is more focused on retro gaming and retro computing.

If you like those sorts of subjects, make sure to follow this website or subscribe to the Youtube channel!

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[16/09/2022] Updated the website layout and several internal changes.
[06/07/2022] A couple more sites added to Destinations.
[27/04/2022] Added the Mystify screensaver from Windows 3.1 as a background for modern browsers. It will appear randomly or in specific pages when they are loaded.
[22/04/2022] I have added a few more links to the Destinations page.
[19/04/2022] I have added more links to the Destinations page.